Tattoo Mousse reduces redness and helps to calm skin during long or multiple day sessions.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties due to the ingredients used.

Advanced handmade products- 100% natural and 100% vegan.

Made from A grade raw ingredients.

Made by artists for artists who care about the highest standards.

Before tattoo:

Moisturizing the skin a few weeks before helps reduce the dryness of your skin and prepares the area for tattooing, making the process easier for the tattoo artist as well as client.

During tattoo:

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties calm skin and reduce pain for the client, allowing an easier tattooing session for both artist and client. Reduction in redness allows for a clearer final tattoo, meaning photos of the fresh tattoo don’t look as aggravated.

After care:

Once the mousse is applied to the skin it will change to spreadable oil making it easy to apply and non-stick, reducing chance of clothing and other things adhering to it. Using the mousse during the healing process helps reduce discomfort due to the ingredients used, as well as aiding healing, adding moisture and creating a barrier for the healing skin.

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